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Remember, I said that eating and not getting fat is my superpower, which will one day come out sideways for me?🧐 So got out. And not just "sideways" and straight on the sides! The buzz, of course, is questionable,now it's time to clean it all up, and the gyms are still closed 🤦 🏻 ♀ ️ So I expect you all guides ⬇this ⬇this ⬇it's amazing How to get rid of fat sides, preferably without physical exertion, and so, something to shout at the growing moon. Something from this series is possible?😹 #реальноработает is a platform where people share pics and videos, meet and chat online. Post moments from your life or choose another service for creators' content and download it to our platform. Having some fun right now? Go LIVE, you, and share your impressions with the whole community!

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